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About Us

We want to tell you a little bit about ourselves and what we hope to achieve with this site.  My wife and I have gone pretty deep (actually really deep) into the board gaming world within the last few years and playing games has become one of our favorite ways to spend our free time together.  It is just us, no children so we have quite a bit of freedom in the choice of games we play but we also both have very odd jobs that limit the number of times we are able to get together with friends and family to play games.

This means most of the games we play and purchase lean towards working well with two players.  So everything we hope to publish on this site is to help others just like us, people who like board games but often only have one other person to play with. The majority of our reviews, discussions, and content will focus on playing board games as a pair of people, or should I say A Pair of Meeples.

About A Pair of Meeples

That doesn’t mean we will just review only these though, we still have friends( no really we do, (okay maybe just a few) (okay maybe like one or two)), but we do get to enjoy higher player counts every once in a while. We also assume all you “Pairs of Meeples” out there also have friends, well maybe, or possibly you are just as lame as us, but occasionally you may want to know what games work well when you do get to play with others.

We also don’t consider ourselves “hardcore gamers” we are mostly just looking for fun games to play together, but that doesn’t mean games like Gloomhaven or A Feast For Odin aren’t on our wishlist.  This does mean that if you’re here just looking for fun board game suggestions and discussions you came to the right place. If you’re here to look for optimal board game strategies for your upcoming tournament, unfortunately, you will need to find that information elsewhere.

On this site, we want to give you the quick down and dirty on board games for two players and hope to not bore you too much with long paragraphs of how to play and every little detail, because if you’re like us when looking up a game to decide to buy, I know I very rarely read through the long super detailed reviews that provide the entire playthrough process.

I skim those long reviews, then skim some more, and then if I am still interested go to Youtube and watch my favorite channels for playthroughs.  Here we are hoping to just give you a general feel of the game and our conclusion on why we like it and our verdict on it more specifically for two players. So think of us as your quick source for board game information for 2 Players or A Pair of Meeples.

We hope A Pair of Meeples is able to provide you with all the information you need to decide on which two-player board games are right for you and much more.