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Micro Macro Crime City Two Player Review

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If you combined Where’s Waldo with some murder mysteries, while still keeping a cartoony and childish appearance, you would get Micro Macro Crime City.

Gameplay Experience:

Micro Macro Two Player Board Game Review

We were a few cases into this unique puzzle game when I exclaimed to my wife, “Hey, look there’s boobs over here, that’s weird” with my facial expression matching the character in the game precisely.  

I had totally forgotten that this game was called CRIME CITY and that we were solving shootings, poisonings, and other violent crimes.  Its “kid friendly” looking characters and art with the fun Where’s Waldo style puzzle created a cognitive dissonance where the painting of a naked lady was the thing that seemed over the top, which is rather absurd and caused my wife and I to burst out laughing after realizing so.

Micro Macro Map Close Up

This is a dark game with a lot of adult themes but you wouldn’t guess so by looking at it.  It’s actually so good at being exactly both things at once, that I still repeatedly had similar experiences throughout our playthrough, the other memorable time being when we traced another character to their suicide!

Okay, that’s really as much as we want to go into detail about the game so we don’t spoil anything else but we just wanted a few examples to convey how much of a conundrum this puzzle game is at least from the human perspective.  We personally can embrace our dark side of humor so we found this game rather entertaining and pretty amusing, but some may not.

We continued to track Crime Citie’s cute characters to their untimely and often horrific demise, enjoying every bit of it, but it only took one night to solve all of its cases.  We were definitely sore the next day though, a little bit from laughing, but a lot from all the hunching over this game requires as you lean over the table to explore the city.

Micro Macro Crime City Rules Summary:

In Micro Macro Crime City, players have a large map depicting all the events going down in Crime City.  The game includes cards that give players cases they must solve, by looking around the map.  Each case has multiple cards that can allow players to progress step by step or they can instead just read the first card of the case and try to solve it without any additional prompts.

Micro Macro Crime City Cards

To solve the case players will find the crime on the map, usually the deceased character, and then trace where they were before their death in order to find more clues about how they were killed. Players will have to look around at everything to reach a conclusion often following other things and people they may think are relevant.

Each case has the solutions listed on the back of its cards and allows players to confirm their theories and solutions to the mystery.


Micro Macro is definitely an interesting and unique game on many levels.  Its childlike artwork and puzzle mingled with crimes and murder is so confusing but extremely delightful and tickles the mind perfectly.  It’s just fun!

Even though you’re leaning over the table in contorted ways, realizing how bad your eyes are, and definitely will feel the back pain the next day, most will enjoy every minute of this delightful game.  The problem is those minutes are very limited.

This is a one-and-done type of game, and with a fairly short playtime, for the budget or value board gamer, Micro Macro Crime City may not be worth it.  It’s hard to justify its price when you can buy similarly priced or even cheaper games that will sit on your shelf for years to come and can be played countless times.

For those who may have robbed some banks though, and money is no issue, Micro Macro Crime City provides an excellent experience and makes for a perfect date night game.  It does help that for most the game can be passed on, traded or sold after making your way through the cases.  Even if you make your way through it in one session, it’s not much more than a night at the movies, so for some it’s still very reasonable.

We just wish that maybe the game would have been designed with a bit more replayability or expandability in mind, because for many the cost is going to make this excellent and novel board game less enticing.  Sure there are a few more cases included on the game’s official site for free, but those only slightly offset the cost.

Other than that though, this game is a really fun one, and if you can swing it is worth a try, as long as you don’t mind a little bit of dark and morbid humor and themes.

Is Micro Macro Crime City Good For 2 Players?

Micro Macro is excellent for two players and would be great for a date night.  That is if you both find the idea of little cute cartoon characters getting shot or stabbed, romantic.  To be fair a lot of crime does stem from love, and many of the cases in this game prove that!

Seriously though, this game works really well at this player count, as working as a duo feels just right as you try and solve the cases.  With too many players this game could quickly get crowded in terms of social space, discussion, and all players feeling like they get to take part.

As we said replayability and value are the biggest downsides to this game though and when you’re dividing that value between only two players, plain it simple, it becomes more expensive, so that’s always something to think about.  

But hey, maybe you’re generous unlike the characters in Crime City, and you’ll pass the game along to your other friends and they’ll pass it along, giving it replayability in a slightly different regard.


  • Unique and novel puzzle murder mystery style game
  • Extremely easy to learn and play
  • Actually fun, as long as you don’t mind the dark humor and theme
  • Perfect length for a date night


  • No replayability at all
  • Expensive for what it is
  • May cause back pain or eye strain (due to the leaning and intense looking)

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