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There are so many board game reviewers out there now, that it’s hard to decide who to send review copies to if you plan on doing so. Well, we provide a very unique perspective that caters to a specific audience, those who primarily play board games with just two players.

We also try to write our reviews in a more story-driven way because the people reading them haven’t played the game. Our (your) readers don’t need to be bombarded with minor details they don’t care about or understand yet, and instead often just want to know what a game is like to play and the experience it has to offer.

It’s much easier for them to follow a story than to understand a complex explanation of a game they’ve never had their hands on. We all know how long it takes to grasp and learn a game even when you have it in your possession, so we believe this general and broad picture we paint is essential for those looking to learn a little bit more about a new board game.

What You Can Expect From Us And Our Reviews

  • We will play the game enough times to be confident in our feelings about it.
  • We will write and publish a single long format review:
    • Somewhere between 1000-5000 words
    • Typically includes a very general story of playing the game, a rules summary that people who haven’t played the game can understand, an overview of our thoughts on the game in general, and lastly a more specific conclusion on whether the game is good for two players
    • Sometimes we may include other sections, topics, and comparisons in the review if applicable
    • You can read more about our review format here: Our Rating System
  • Each review contains a summary box to quickly give readers an overview of our feelings on the game, its Pros and Cons, and a rating out of 10 from my wife and me. This box also contains key information, such as whether the game is cooperative, game length, complexity, and listed player count.
  • We also typically give games a rating out of 10 on Theme, Replayability, Conflict, Components, and Fun which is also included in the summary box.
  • Reviews include mostly unique photos taken and edited by ourselves personally that highlight gameplay and various aspects of the game that are used to help readers understand it better! We believe our photos and the number we include are a very strong component of our reviews and essential to convey the game well.
  • We will often post reviews to other social channels, sites, and accounts.
  • We are honest about our feelings on the game, but make sure we always try to point out both its positives and negatives. If it’s not a game that fits our personal tastes we make sure to state that while still examining the game critically and providing a review that we believe will help others decide if it’s a game they would like (even if we do not).
  • We do not allow interference in our writing process but may choose to provide you with quotes for promotional reasons.
  • We will not make changes to our work after publishing on behalf of others, unless we ourselves made mistakes, or want to correct or update the content and our opinions.

Submit Your Board Game For Review

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