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A Pair of Meeples

Our Rating System

9 – 10 Stars

An excellent game for two players that we are always willing to play and will stay on our shelf indefinitely.

7 – 8 Stars

A great game for two players that we are almost always willing to play. It won’t be leaving our shelf.

5 – 6 Stars

A good game for two players, but nothing exceptional. Likely has better alternatives.

3 – 4 Stars

Not good for two players, likely won’t play this game again but there’s always a possibility.

1 – 2 Stars

A terrible game for two players we will never play again and is either broken or just awful to play.

*We use a 10-star rating system since there are two of us reviewing these games. This is to add a little bit more variance between our scores, otherwise, a lot of the games we review would likely receive the same score from both of us at A Pair of Meeples. All reviews and ratings are based entirely on the games at two players.

Important Note:

In order to keep things simple, we have decided to base our ratings and reviews entirely on how good or bad a board game is with two players. We will try our best to not let other player counts influence our rating.

Our board game reviews are a little different than what you probably are used to seeing. They will typically start with just a story about how it was to play the game, before any rules explanation or anything super detailed like that. This is because we think that a lot of times rules explanations and super in-depth details can mean nothing to somebody who hasn’t played the game yet, at least that’s how we feel when we read a lot of board game reviews. We hope the gameplay experience section of our reviews is better at conveying what it is like to play a specific game than a giant essay on every rule, component, or mechanic would be.

Below is an example of our Review Block Summary which you will find on every game review post. It includes the game title, box photo with key information, a review summary, and some ratings for factors we think are important specifically helpful for deciding if a game is good for your Pair of Meeples. These include Theme, Components, Replayability, Conflict, and Fun. Below all this, we have our rating for the game, indicated by “His Rating” and “Her Rating”, and the average of these scores is what you will see at the top of the block. At the very bottom, you will also find links to purchase the game. A Pair of Meeples is reader-supported, when you buy through links on our site including those in these review blocks, we may earn an affiliate commission.

A Pair of Meeples Review Example

8.5 out of 10

Is it Good for Two Players: ?

Here is where a short review summary of the game will appear…

Theme: 0/10
Components: 0/10
Replayability: 0/10
Conflict: 0/10
Fun: 0/10

The Husband
9 out of 10
The Wife
8 out of 10