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The 5 Best Places to Buy Board Games

With so many different games begging to be added to your collection, often it’s not a question of which game to buy, but instead where to buy it from.  Below is a list of what we believe to be the best places to buy board games from.

1. Your Local Game Store

Your Local Game Store
Support Local Small Businesses if you can!

Depending on where you live, you might have a few game stores near you which are a great place to start looking when it comes to your board gaming needs.  If price isn’t a concern, they should definitely be your first stop when shopping around.  

We know, some stores around you might be a little nerdier than you’re comfortable with but if you can support local we strongly believe you should.   Going to your local game stores as opposed to big box stores comes with a lot of other added benefits too.  

The staff will be more knowledgeable if you have any questions, you can physically peruse through games which is better than just clicking, they often have a wider variety than your big box stores, and you get the game you want right then and there as opposed to waiting for it to be shipped. 

2. Target

If you still want to buy locally and maybe don’t have a game store near you, Target would probably be your next best bet.  If you are new to the hobby and your board game shelves are quite empty or non-existent, Target might be the best recommendation because they have more of the mainstream and popular board games.  This means you won’t be overwhelmed with games that you might not be quite ready for and the options to pick from are usually pretty solid.  

This doesn’t mean Target is a poor choice for more experienced players, it still has a surprisingly good selection of board games, especially if you’re shopping online too.  I would say the majority of the games on our shelves have come from Target, partly due in fact to the awesome sales they sometimes have on board games.  I won’t lie, I’m addicted to finding the best deals.

If you do decide on a big box store for your next purchase we stand by Target probably being the best option.  Walmart’s selection is usually lacking and you can typically find better prices on games practically anywhere else.  If you have a Barnes and Noble near you they are a close second and occasionally have a good selection and prices.

3. Online Board Game Stores

There are hundreds of online board game dedicated stores so if you are looking to go this route it might be hard to pick which one to shop from.  Some of them are much larger companies while others are just sites for small local game shops. As we said earlier, see if any game shops around you have a site where you can order from and consider supporting them.  If you haven’t already gathered we’re all about supporting small local businesses.

If you would rather shop at a larger and more well-known board game store though we have listed some of the most reputable and popular ones below.


Have pretty decent and consistent deal of the days, lower shipping cost and threshold than many other sites and also offer holds.  This site has quickly become one of the most popular online board game stores.


Known for good customer service but many have reported orders taking slightly longer to arrive compared to orders with other stores.  Still an excellent option with a wide selection of games and also offers holds to avoid shipping costs.

Miniature Market

Used to be a fairly popular choice but has recently been acquired by Asmodee and people are supposedly having games take longer to arrive.  So might not be the best option currently but it is still a reputable, well-known and fairly trustworthy site.  


Has a good selection of fairly priced games but does not currently offer a shipping holds program.  Their free shipping minimum is $99.

Tabletop Merchant

An online game store that has been rising in popularity recently.  They have a high free shipping threshold of $150 and no order holds program, but their prices are usually quite a bit lower than anywhere else.  So if you have a lot of games you’re wanting and are willing to buy them all at once, they are a great option.

Noble Knight Games

Known for their huge selection, including hard-to-find and out-of-print games.  Many copies available are used but they have a pretty accurate grading system so you can be fairly confident of what you will get when ordering.  They also have a trade-in program for cash or store credit.  

4. Game Publisher Sites

Some publishers sell board games directly on their websites and occasionally offer some pretty decent sales.  They aren’t going to have the wide selection that other stores have but are sometimes worth the look especially if they have a sale going on.

5. Amazon

There’s no leaving this one out, and even though it’s always good to support local small businesses, sometimes Amazon is just the best option.  It might have the largest selection of games available and offers fairly competitive prices.  Other shopping options are pretty comparable but if you have a Prime Membership it’s hard to beat the free fast shipping and easy returns.  

Some have experienced receiving counterfeit games on Amazon but you’re usually pretty safe if you order games that are “sold and shipped” by Amazon.  If you do have a Prime Membership, receiving a counterfeit isn’t too big of an issue either because of the easy return process.

Click here to see some of the best-selling two player games currently available through Amazon.

Hopefully, this list of best places to buy board games helps you decide which option is right for you.

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