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Space Invaders Board Game Review

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Well, let’s just say this game surprised me, a lot. I added this board game to my target cart to reach free shipping, thinking why not give it a chance since it was on sale for only 10 dollars, and how can you ignore a game with the official Space Invaders theme, especially if you’re a nerd like me?   Also, any excuse to buy new board games is taken advantage of here (especially space invaders board games), even if my wife might not always be the happiest about that policy, since more and more games keep coming in the mail and filling up our house.

Space Invaders Board Game Review

7 out of 10

Is Space Invaders Good For Two Players? : YES

As you take turns shooting space invaders you feel like you’re passing the controller around allowing for some sweet nostalgia.  This game is fun, quick, and exciting and for the price, you can’t do much better.  You’ll be laughing, cheering, and groaning as you shoot your way through space invaders, trying for that ultimate high score.

Theme: 8/10
Replayability: 7/10
Components: 5/10
Conflict: 0/10
Fun: 10/10

Husband’s Rating
7 out of 10
Wife’s Rating
7 out of 10


Excellent Theme

Fairly quick setup and playtime

Truly cooperative

Variable Player Abilities

High Scores!:)


Low-Quality Rulebook

Low-Quality Components

Assembly required every game

Requires a lot of space to play

Gameplay Experience:

Reading all the reviews online made it seem like this co-op dexterity game was just going to become frustrating because of all the disc’s flying across the room and thus needing to pick them up way too often.  I tend to forget though that my wife and I are adults(kind of) and that we can restrain ourselves a little, making these reviews a little less applicable to people who will be playing this game without children.  As adults, we can choose to not hit the launcher in this game as hard as possible, even if secretly, we really want to see how far we can launch those cardboard circles. 

Starting setup for Space Invaders Board Game

After the initial fiddling of the launcher that you will keep secret from your spouse since you want to appear as an adult, it’s time to set up the game and actually play,  instead of just trying to launch cardboard discs into oblivion as you promised yourself you wouldn’t do. 

Before getting into the details too much this game was unbelievably fun. Yes the components are quite low quality, the rulebook is a little convoluted and you have to build and take apart a giant cardboard UFO every time, but there’s no other word for it, it’s just plain fun.  For most games fun isn’t really the first word I would use to describe them, but for Space Invaders it is.

Gameplay Summary:

This game comes with a 2 sided board, one side being for 2 players the other for 3 to four.  The goal is to protect the planet at the bottom of the board from space invader cards as they try to advance towards your planet and inflict damage.  In this game, you will likely not win often, instead, the goal is to get as high of a score as you can just like in the classic arcade game. 

To stop the invaders you will try to land the cardboard tokens on their cards by shooting them with the launcher, if you are successful that particular invader will be destroyed and added to your final score.  Some invaders have shields or require two hits though.  After taking all available shots the remaining invaders will move towards the planet and any that make it will deal damage and be shuffled back into the deck.  Then the top 2 lines of the board are filled with more space invaders.  

Space Invaders Board Game Mid Game
Example of board after a shooting phase.

This cycle repeats until there are 6 or fewer invaders left on the board at the end of a shooting phase.  This initiates the last round before the final round.  If any invaders survive this round they will basically become kamikaze pilots in a last-ditch effort.

They are guaranteed to make it to the planet if they are not destroyed and will crash into it dealing double their normal damage! If somehow you manage to survive this round, all invaders will be dead, but remember that giant cardboard UFO I talked about earlier, if you haven’t already destroyed it you now have to do so to win the game.  And that’s a quick rundown of how you play Space Invaders the board game.  

Space Invaders Reaching the Planet
Space Invaders reaching the planet, inflicting damage(double damage if they are crashing into the planet during the last round)

There are a lot of other cool features of this game that make it a little more unique though. For example, as you get closer to a defeat, you and your team will get more tokens to shoot. I also forgot to mention that all tokens have a special ability that may be used for each shot and as you get more tokens the abilities tend to get better.  So basically the closer you are to defeat the more help you get to maybe push you a couple of rounds further which makes the almost guaranteed loss feel a little less terrible. 

The best thing about these abilities though is each player will have different shot special abilities which make the game a bit more interesting.  Our favorite was probably the ability to use the long wave shot which lets you use the supplied measuring card to take out two invaders within distance of your shot at once making your shots feel extra meaningful.

Space Invaders Player Ability Examples
Example of Unique Player Abilities


Overall this is definitely a game we would recommend to almost anyone.  You’re not going to be strategizing or pulling off well-thought out plans, heck, even skill doesn’t come into play very much in the game as it’s mostly luck but it is just dang fun and addicting.  As we said before, the components are rather low but for under $20 and likely closer to $10 you can find this game for, nobody should be complaining. The game is almost worth it alone for the nostalgia as you shoot down space invaders and ultimately lose eventually and record your high score in the instruction booklet.

Is Space Invaders Good For Two Players?:

For 2 players this game is excellent.  As you take turns shooting space invaders you feel like you’re passing the controller around when you used to play the original console game, allowing for some nostalgia.  The unique player powers were a surprise to find and really add a lot to the game for 2 players, making repeated plays a little less boring. 

Overall with 2 players, this game is fun, quick, and exciting. For the price, you can’t do much better for a night’s worth of entertainment.  Add a few drinks and you’ll be laughing, cheering, and groaning as you shoot your way through space invaders and record you and your partners’ High Score, likely instantly setting up again to try and beat that score.


  • Excellent theme if you are old enough to remember playing this classic arcade game( well this statement might have aged us a little; trust me were actually hip, cool people, “no cap” hahaha))
  • Moderately quick setup and short enough to play multiple games in a night
  • Coop, this is alway a pro for us as team games usually just end up being a little more lighthearted and fun.
  • Variable Player abilities make repeat plays a little more fun and interesting, and you also won’t have the same abilities as your partner.
  • High Scores, do we need to say more!


  • Low-quality rules and components, but for this price range, the quality is very understandable.
  • Have to assemble and disassemble the giant UFO every time you play
  • Need quite a large table to play the game (especially if you don’t want to be picking up a lot of stray discs), otherwise, you will have to play this game on the floor.

Buffalo Games - Space Invaders Game
Buffalo Games - Space Invaders Game
Buffalo Games - Space Invaders Game

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