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Pandemic Legacy With Two Players: How to Play and Tips

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Can and should you play Pandemic Legacy with just two players?  This guide will tell you everything you need to know about playing these awesome games with just two and if you should.  Everything below applies to all the Pandemic Legacy games including Season 1, Season 2, and Season 0.

Pandemic Legacy Number of Players

The listed player count for all Pandemic Legacy games is 2-4 players.  This is what’s recommended by the game designers and we agree that any of these player counts work pretty well.

You could technically play the game solo but in our opinion, you’d be missing out on a lot of fun playing this way.  You probably could even make 5 or more players work too but it would throw off the difficulty too much. So, no matter what you should only consider playing these games with the recommended 2-4 players.

Should You Play Pandemic Legacy with Two Players?

Pandemic Legacy with Two Players

You can play Pandemic Legacy with two players but should you, what is the optimal player count for these amazing Legacy games?

Pandemic Legacy is as much of an experience as it is a legacy board game, and as with many experiences the more friends you have to share them with the better they are.  So, even though this is a two player board gaming site, we’re going to be honest and say if you have a group of 4 players to play this game with then that is the best route to go.

The game will be more exciting, memorable, and fun if you’ve got a full table of friends.  Sometimes getting this many people together consistently is a challenge though and in this case 2 or 3 players works just fine, but as we said it won’t give you the best possible playthrough of the game.

Benefits of Playing Pandemic Legacy with Two Players

Now that you know that you should play with more players, there are a few benefits to playing these games with just two players.

  • Much easier to get together and dedicate time to getting through the game
  • The lower player count makes the game a bit easier which could be a positive for many
  • More intimate gaming experience and can still be a lot of fun with the right gaming partner
  • The game length can be a little shorter which is good for people who have less free time

Again we strongly recommend playing with more players if you can but if two players is your only option it’s still very worth playing at this player count!

How to Play Pandemic Legacy with Two Players

If you have decided to play Pandemic Legacy with two players there are a couple of different ways to go about it.  You could play with one character each or you could play two handed to make it more similar to a higher player count game.

One Character Each

Pandemic Legacy with Two Players using a single character each

This would be considered the standard way to play.  Each player takes a single character to use and play just like normal.  This is the simplest way to play and is great for less experienced gamers or those who just want a very casual playthrough.

Pandemic Legacy difficulty scales with the player count so playing with a single character will also make for a much easier game which may be a positive for some.  Games will be less chaotic and less dynamic so you may miss out on some interesting and unique interactions compared to higher player count games.

Playing Two Handed

Pandemic Legacy With Two Players playing Two Handed

If you are playing with two players, each player could choose to use two characters instead of just one.  We’d only recommend playing this way to people already quite familiar with Pandemic.  Managing two characters is a bit more work and can be a little too much for new players.

If you are fairly competent with Pandemic though playing this way comes with numerous benefits.  First, it makes the gameplay more similar to higher player count games, allowing for a more dynamic game, more characters on the board, and more interesting situations to occur.

It also increases the difficulty a bit, which is good for those who are used to playing Pandemic with two and win fairly consistently.  So if you’re pretty familiar with the game system we’d strongly recommend playing two-handed if you feel fairly capable of managing two characters.

In Summary

While we still strongly recommend trying to get four people together to play through Pandemic Legacy games, two works just fine if you can only play that way.  If you are brand new to Pandemic games in general though just play one character each, but if you’re at all familiar with the game and up for a challenge and more dynamic experience play two handed!

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