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Board Games and Surviving the Pandemic

If you follow our blog you saw that our first post was on the game Pandemic, if you missed that post you can go read it by clicking here.  We realized shortly after posting that review we kind of just ignored the insane fact that we have all just experienced a real-world Pandemic, and to us, that just didn’t feel right to leave out so much context.

We decided to make this post to fix that and provide a little bit of extra discussion about all of the crazy we just went through and where Pandemic the game and all other games fits into that. After this post, I promise we will shut up about anything Pandemic related for a while, I know almost everybody, including us, is tired of hearing about it and mentally exhausted from it.

First, we want to give you some extra context about why Pandemic the board game was so important to us, especially during Covid 19. To recap, in our review, we gave the game glowing praise, not just because it’s a great game but because it’s somewhat sentimental to us since it was our first experience with modern board games. What makes the game even more significant to us though is that we got the game months before the real Covid-19 Pandemic, which was a blessing in a very very ironic and obvious disguise.  It was sort of like a legitimately fun birthday clown dressing up as Pennywise, okay I actually don’t know where I was going with that metaphor.

Anyway, Pandemic reignited our interest in board games right at the perfect time. In a few short months, my wife and I would have a lot of free time together in a very unstable, scary world dealing with anxiety and struggling to feel good and find ways to be happy.  Luckily by the time, Covid became a serious issue we had a library of games(curse you board game buying addiction) other than Pandemic to play too during these trying times. Pandemic was the game that started our journey into board games though and we still played it a lot even with the fear of the real Pandemic just outside the comfort of our home.

Pandemic Board Games During Coviid 19
It’s crazy that something so small can be so scary and affect our lives so much

Our new hobby gave us distraction and a sense of normalcy during Covid and was something that we could get a little bit of extra happiness from together as a couple. When trying to stay far away from people and social distance there isn’t too much you and your partner can do for days on end that is enjoyable let alone fun. Board games can provide a lot of fun and happiness for partners and playing games together during the Pandemic and all its lockdowns and quarantines has only proved that. 

While Pandemic might be a little uncomfortable and too relevant to today’s world for new gamers to want to pick up and get into, we didn’t mind the theme and it almost was a tool to make light of the terrible.

So then the question is,  now that we’ve all made it through a real-world pandemic, is Pandemic the game no longer appealing to play?  Does the theme ruin the experience now?  Have you selected other games to play instead of Pandemic because it feels a little too soon to talk about what’s happened,  or should I say play what’s happened in the last few years?  Our answer is no to every question, but let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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