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The 12 Best Board Games to Play this Valentine’s Day (2024)

Have you run out of date ideas, why not sit down and play some board games with your significant other this Valentine’s Day?  Below is a list of games we think are perfect to play when love is in the air.

Valentine's Day Board Games

1. Love Letter

Love Letter Board Game Review

Yes, you might be a little deceitful while playing this quick and easy-to-play card game, but with a name like Love Letter, we couldn’t exclude it from the list.  In this game, players try to outlast each other or end the round with a higher-value card than their opponent.  

Love Letter might not be the best card game for two players but it can be pretty fun for a couple of rounds.

2. Fog of Love

A role-playing game about navigating a relationship could be the worst or best game for date night depending on who’s playing it.  This game could start fights or be a really enjoyable experience for you and your gaming partner.

In Fog of Love, both players control two characters on their journey through life as they fall in love and try to make a unique relationship work.  If you like to get into role-playing games and can be a little lighthearted, then this game might be perfect for your Valentine’s Day game night.

Hush Hush Projects Fog of Love Board Game Male-Female Cover Multicolor

3. Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet Board Game Review

While this game doesn’t have romance or love themes, it’s still one of the best two-player co-op games ever and especially good for a casual game night with your partner.  

In Codenames Duet players work together to give one-word clues to correctly pick who their agents are from a group of agents, civilians, and assassins.  There will be a lot of eye contact when you play this game as you stare at each other trying to give the best clues and work together.  

Even though the romance theme is lacking, Codenames is still a great game for date night, but sometimes can feel a bit too hard depending on the luck of the draw.  It will test how much you and your partner think alike.

4. Fox in the Forest Duet or Fox in the Forest

The Fox in the Forest Duet Valentines Day Board Games

If you are a fan of trick-taking card games, these might be worth considering adding to your Valentine’s Day board games.  Trick-taking games usually require more players but Fox in the Forest was designed specifically for two players.  What’s even better is a Co-op or Competitive version depending on your preferences.

In the competitive version, each player will have to try and win more tricks than their opponent but can’t be too greedy.  Some cards have special abilities to aid in their pursuit of victory.  In the Duet version of the game, players will instead try to work together to win the correct number of tricks to move through the forest.

In our opinion, both games are worth considering adding to your two-player board game collection and playing this Valentine’s Day.

5. The Mind

This is another game that doesn’t have much in terms of a “love” or “romance” theme but the amount of silent eye contact you will have with your partner as you try to connect on a psychological level makes it perfect to play on Valentines Day or your next date night.

In The Mind, players must work together to play cards in order from lowest to highest, but cannot communicate at all.  This creates some very intense staring competitions as players try to figure out exactly when to lay their cards down.  The Mind is so simple but super fun to play. 

6. Hanabi

Hanabi Card Holding

Hanabi is an interesting little co-op card game that is super easy to learn and play.  It may not have the strongest love theme but it’s interesting “hold your cards backwards” game mechanism will test you and your partner’s communication and teamwork skills.  

If you enjoy co-op card games this might be the perfect game to bring out and play together this Valentine’s day. 

7. Patchwork: Valentine Edition

If you are a game collector and love making a game night out of this holiday, the Valentine’s Day Edition of Patchwork might be the perfect game to add to your shelf.  Patchwork is a great two-player game that is so simple and easy to play and is still one of the top two-player board games of all time.

In the original game, players try to build the best patchwork quilt, but in this version, players are attempting to construct the best box of chocolates for their loved ones.  No other board game might be as perfect for Valentine’s Day as this, it is for sure the best match in terms of theme.

8. The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game

The Princess Bride Valentines Day Board Games

This game might be perfect for Valentine’s Day, but only if you and your gaming partner are fans of the cult-classic movie and book this board game is based on.  This cooperative adventure book board game follows the events of the Princess Bride with each of the six playable chapters relating to some of the most memorable moments from the movie.

If you only want to play one game on your Valentine’s Day game night instead of lots of shorter, different ones The Princess Bride might be a good choice.  You and your gaming partner could play through all six chapters and experience the story from start to finish.  

Is there any story more romantic than Westley and Buttercup?  For bonus points put the film on in the background as you play through this board game. 

9. Box One

Maybe you want to play something a little different for this special day.  If you are looking for a game that is more of an activity as opposed to a typical board game, Box One might be a good choice.  This escape room style puzzle game is intended for just one player but from experience, we have found out it is still very enjoyable with two players.  

This game doesn’t have very much in terms of romance or love but it still will require you and your gaming partner to work together to solve the puzzle.  We can’t say too much about this game without spoiling it, but it is very enjoyable.

10. Azul Chocolatier

Azul is one of our favorite games of all time and this master choclatier is the perfect version to play this Valentines Day! Why get your significant other a box of chocolates that will be gone in a few bites when you could get this great game you both can play together for hours.

Azul has some of the most elegant gameplay ever and is in our opinion a modern classic at this point. This special edition plays just like the original, just with a chocolate theme, art and components.

11. The Ultimate Date Night Game

Now for those hardcore gamers they might dis this result but for some, this might be the perfect game to pull out on Valentine’s Day, especially if one of you isn’t as much of a gamer as the other.

We haven’t personally played this one but have played some of the other couples games such as Let’s Get Deep and they aren’t the most polished games but a good activity for one night.

12. The Couples Game That’s Actually Fun

Lastly, another game that might not have the best gameplay, but one that will make you and your partner feel like you’re one of those reality dating shows. Answer some questions together and see how much you actually know each other.

We hope this list of the best board games for Valentine’s day helps you pick the perfect game to play with that special someone. We will continually update this list with our top recommendations. Are there other board games you think are perfect for this Valentine’s Day, let us know in the comments below.

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